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How to choose the ideal financial software package for my small business

So many financial software packages. How do I choose and what’s your go-to recommendation? My go-to recommendation is, stick with what you know but learn to use it fully.  Get someone to train you, or set it up for you so you’re using it to its full potential. I’ve worked with many businesses that are […]

The Challenge Of Running Your Own Business Is Knowing Your Worth

Determining your pricing is one of the hardest decisions to make. Price too high and you step out of your customers comfort zone, charge too little and you undermine your worth. If you find yourself questioning your decisions when it comes to your process, or you just need to remind yourself exactly what it is […]

10 Step Action Plan For Chasing Late Invoices

You’ve delivered on your work, set your payment terms and sent an invoice to your client. But the payment is overdue, and you haven’t received a response or update. But no need to panic just yet! There are several ways to manage an overdue invoice without compromising your professional relationship with your client. 10 step […]

10 tips to improve your credit control process

Credit Control is probably not the task business owners have in mind when starting up a business, but it is necessary to keeping your business healthy and maintaining good cash flow. Have a clearly written payment policy to prevent problems. Have customers sign the agreement, which states when payment is due and what consequences there will […]

Benefits of using Zoom

I have been lucky enough to continue working throughout this pandemic and have met with a lot of new people via Zoom. Although I am definitely more of a people person, utilising Zoom for new client meetings has not only saved me time, but also allowed my customers to see first-hand how I operate which […]

Top Tips For Handling Stress As A Business Owner

It’s not so long ago that stress and mental health was a total taboo subject in the workplace, however with awareness campaigns, much like today ‘National Stress Awareness Day’ and so much in the media it is now talked about in businesses. So, as a small business owner what can help you stay calm and […]

Importance Of Marketing

My whole business is based on the back of office but I recognise how important Marketing is in order to run a successful business which is why I am a huge believer in Networking and having an online presence. So, although marketing isn’t my expertise, I wanted to share some of the huge benefits it […]

Using Direct Debit In Business

Waiting on payments from customers can be one of the biggest pain-points for any small business. UK SMEs are currently chasing over £50 billion worth of late payments, while the average London-based business is waiting on SEVEN payments at any given time. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. There’s one simple change you can make […]

Being A Proactive Business Owner

In order to succeed in the world of business, it is essential for entrepreneurs to find ways to help their company be as proactive as possible. It is very easy for businesses to struggle and dip in performance without a constant effort to improve but it can also be challenging to look for ways to […]

You Don’t Have To Be A Bookkeeper To Use Xero

When it comes to bookkeeping, a lot of small business owners quiver at the thought of handling their own accounts, especially if they don’t have a background of it. If you are running a business and have not considered Xero, then you could be missing out.  As much as you find it hard to understand accounts, Xero will make […]