How to choose the ideal financial software package for my small business

How to choose financial software

So many financial software packages. How do I choose and what’s your go-to recommendation?

My go-to recommendation is, stick with what you know but learn to use it fully. 

Get someone to train you, or set it up for you so you’re using it to its full potential.

I’ve worked with many businesses that are using software that aren’t using it properly, and it causes all sorts of problems for their business.   

But don’t just stick to one way of doing things because it’s the way you’ve always done it. 

Often Xero works better. It’s always going to be my go-to for financial software because I’m a certified partner. 

However, Xero isn’t going to work for every type of business. 

For some businesses, spreadsheets do work better than software. 

There are many businesses that Xero can’t work for. 

And in those circumstances, we’ve made their existing systems work even better for them. 

It’s all about the process. 

For example, we’re working with a locksmith who invoices one address and carries out work at a site address. He was using an existing invoicing system software to invoice from the site he carried the work out at. But his accountant wanted to move him to Xero to be tax digital. We’ve done that by getting his invoicing system to talk to Xero. It was crucial that he maintained the ability to invoice on-site when he was there before he gets on to his next job. Otherwise, he’d be spending all his evenings and weekend invoicing.

So we made it work for him. There was no change to him, but a lot of paddling below the surface by us –  like the swan analogy – to make it work for him. 

Don’t be fooled into believing that anyone method or software is better for your business. 

Consult with someone who has experience with different types of systems, software, and processes, and especially someone who takes the time to understand your business thoroughly.

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