Month: June 2021

What is MFA?

Are you the kind of person who uses the same password for everything? Easily guessed passwords is a huge issue that can cost you and your business a lot of money should someone hack your website or social media channels. According to the Xero website, up to 80% of data breaches can be prevented with […]

Setting Goals For Your Business

Setting goals is a vital part of establishing your business plan in order to succeed on a short- and long-term basis. Also, it gives a vision for the business and allows employees and the business owner to know and more importantly understand the direction in which the business is going. What are business goals? A […]

7 Principles of GDPR

The GDPR data privacy law across Europe ensure that peoples personal data is protected. Is it time for a refresh on what GDPR means for your business? Or maybe you aren’t sure what comes under GDPR? Lawfulness, fairness and transparency This principle is one of the most important areas which gives total transparency in relation […]

Tips to Manage your Workload Effectively

Is managing your workload something you struggle with? Anybody in business realises just how hard being successful can be. At times, balancing your workload can be an extremely challenging task. Therefore, allowing different responsibilities to pile up and resulting in you becoming overwhelmed very quickly. To a certain extent, it is about working smarter than […]

How CRM’s improve your customer relationship

How CRM’s improve your customer relationship We all know that our customers can make or break our business, so the way that our businesses manage our customer database determines our amount of success. Better relationship = higher customer satisfaction As your business grows your customer database will expand, it can become difficult to centralise and […]