Month: January 2022

How to manage creditors better

“My creditors are taking up a lot of my time. How can I manage them better?” Here are my top tips for managing creditors better. Clear communication and transparency at the onboarding stage Your customers will listen twice as hard and take in twice as much when you are onboarding them. At the onboarding stage, […]

How to manage your receipts and keep them organised

“My receipts are always in a mess and it takes me ages to get them sorted out and into Xero. What are your top tips for keeping my receipts organised and getting them into Xero efficiently?” Keep all receipts in an envelope or folder. Find somewhere to keep your receipts organised, like a folder or […]

How to automate your bills to Xero using Hubdoc

“How do I automate my bills to Xero? And why doesn’t my Xero invoice automatically upload to Xero?” It is a pain to manually add bills into Xero. So we don’t recommend that you do that. Xero has a free app called Hubdoc that you can use to email (or upload via the app) all […]

How to manage debtors better: Three easy tips

“Managing my debtors is taking too long. How do I manage my debtors better?” It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes a couple of times a month to manage your debtors, depending on how many there are. Here are my top tips for streamlining the process. Make sure your bills are in Xero Ensure that […]