How to manage your receipts and keep them organised

How to manage your receipts and keep them organised

“My receipts are always in a mess and it takes me ages to get them sorted out and into Xero. What are your top tips for keeping my receipts organised and getting them into Xero efficiently?”

Keep all receipts in an envelope or folder.
Find somewhere to keep your receipts organised, like a folder or envelope. You can have one in your car or at your desk. Then put all your receipts in the envelope or folder as you get them.

Set up an app like Hubdoc
Hubdoc is Xero’s free software for uploading bills easily.
If you are using Xero, the quickest way to get receipts into Xero is to use the Hubdoc App. It’s free and it reads the receipt by taking a photo and uploading them into Hubdoc.
When you get a new receipt, open Hubdoc and select camera, take a photo of it and it will appear in Hubdoc.

Review receipts in Hubdoc to upload to Xero
Weekly or monthly configure the receipts in Hubdoc and upload them to Xero.

It only takes a few clicks to carefully configure the entry such as, which accounts invoices should go to which supplier, and what VAT to allocate when it’s uploaded into Xero.

Once we’ve entered those details into Hubdoc and clicked the ‘Publish’ button, a copy of the receipt/bill will appear in Xero.

You can also use Hubdoc for monthly invoices using a bespoke email address that is specifically for you and your business. You can give it to suppliers so they can send regular invoices directly to your Hubdoc instead of to your inbox. Then you can get them directly into Hubdoc.

Over time and with careful configurations Hubdoc will remember and will automatically suggest which suppliers, accounts and VAT to allocate saving you even more time.

I’m more than happy to do a very quick Hubdoc set-up session with you if you’re interested. It takes under 10 minutes to get set up and for me to show you how to use Hubdoc correctly.

But there are other paid apps besides Hubdoc such as Dext if Hubdoc isn’t working for you. Feel free to ask me about it.

That’s the quickest way to keep your receipts organised.

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