How to automate your bills to Xero using Hubdoc

How to automate your bills to Xero using Hubdoc

“How do I automate my bills to Xero? And why doesn’t my Xero invoice automatically upload to Xero?”

It is a pain to manually add bills into Xero. So we don’t recommend that you do that.

Xero has a free app called Hubdoc that you can use to email (or upload via the app) all your bills, configure them and upload them into Xero.

It takes under 5 minutes to set up Hubdoc to integrate with your Xero, and under 5 minutes for me to show you how to configure your bills so they post against the correct account with the correct VAT.

Then with a simple click of the ‘Publish’ button, your bills are uploaded into your Xero.

If you auto-sync the bill in Hubdoc, then Hubdoc will remember this for future bills received and will automatically push these to Xero.

You can edit your Hubdoc email address to share with suppliers so they send bills directly to HubdocDoc.

You can also set up mailbox rules so that every bill gets forwarded to Hubdoc directly.

I have around 12 rules set up so when I run them monthly all 12 bills go directly into Hubdoc, where I can configure them then are pushed directly to Xero without the need for me to go into Hubdoc.

Xero invoices don’t automatically get uploaded to your Xero and they don’t attach as a PDF either. So for Xero invoices, you simply click PDF in the top right-hand corner and then it gets posted straight into your Xero.

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