Xero Review and Fix Package

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Xero Review and Fix Package

Certified Partner Of Xero Accounting Software

As a certified partner of Xero cloud accounting software partners, We are fully trained in all things Xero and are passionate about sharing this innovative and award-winning software with other businesses, as it saves a lot of time and makes managing finances very easy.

Cloud bookkeeping has created a significant step-change in efficiency for the accounting industry. At its core, cloud bookkeeping automates manual tasks so there is more time to spend on what matters.

A lot of business owners are not utilising their Xero account, but they do not have the time to fix the problem.

To help people make the most of their subscription with Xero or any of its add-ons like Stripe, Receipt bank or Go Cardless, I am now offering a ‘Review and fix’ service where I take a look at your Xero and any of the additional software’s that can improve its functionality and ensure they are all synced and working effectively for your business.

Xero Review and Fix Service | Jaxstar Solutions

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