Month: May 2021

Why do you need a Cookies policy?

Why do you need a Cookies policy? You will have seen plenty of pop-ups mentioning cookies in your time on the internet. However, do you know what cookies are? Or whether your website requires a policy? Are you guilty of just clicking ‘accept all’ just to make pop-ups disappear? Don’t worry, most of us are. […]

What is the difference between Stripe and GoCardless?

Stripe and GoCardless are payment services that offer flexible management for online payments. However, each service offers different features which results in them being used for different areas of business. What does GoCardless have to offer my business? GoCardless was designed primarily for recurring payments, the service was built for brands that collect repeating payments. […]

What is GDPR?

What is GDPR? The internet has dramatically changed the way we communicate and how we handle everyday tasks. We send emails, we share documents, we pay bills and we purchase goods by entering our personal details all online and without a second thought. What is GDPR in the UK? General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, […]

Inbox and Calendar management

Sifting through spam and keeping tabs on what needs action immediately and what can wait can feel like a job in itself. Which is why I wanted to share my top tips of how to keep on top of your inbox and calendar to help more people conquer even the unruliest of inbox’s.   Only […]

Why should I use Xero to manage my business?

Today’s rapid outpour of technology and innovation often leaves business owners wondering “what is this?” and “do I really need it?” but when it comes to online accounting, Xero is truly a revelation when it is fully optimised.   With ease of use and plenty of documentation available, Xero has become a place you can […]