Month: February 2022

Reflecting For A Better Business

In this blog, we talk about how you can create a better business by taking a step back every now and then. Why it’s important to reflect It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of running a business that we sometimes forget to take a step back and check that we’re still […]

How To Stop Email Taking Over Your Day

Email is a fantastic tool – it’s fast, convenient, you can add attachments and hook it up to all sorts of other software. You’ve got a written record of conversations and you feel like you’re in touch with the world. The problem is, email can take over your entire day. Even when you’re not responding, […]

Effectively Managing Your Time When Covering For Others

Time management is one of the biggest struggles we see in businesses today. This is especially true when you’re having to take on someone else’s responsibilities for a time.  In this blog, I’ll break down how you can manage your time effectively and complete the most important tasks in time without having to sacrifice your […]

Why it’s important to create a smooth onboarding process

Your onboarding process is one of the first dealings with your client and as such plays an important role in the building of a lasting and fruitful relationship. The process you use will be seen as reflective of how you will continue to work with your client, so it’s important to make a good impression […]