Month: December 2020

Setting and Reaching Your Business Goals in 2021

Before you set your 2021 goals, be sure to consider all your opportunities for lowering costs and increasing revenue. The pivots you have made to adjust to this year’s challenges might open new doors, like online sales or selling to new audiences. So, with that in mind here are 3 strategies for approaching business goals […]

How To Optimise Xero

You’re set up and comfortable using Xero, so it’s time to push outside your comfort zone and see what else you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of Xero. In order to help you use the Xero software to its fullest potential, we’ve collected some Xero tips, including shortcuts, customisations, and unique […]

Answering our FAQ’s

We have been getting the same kinds of questions over the last few months so we want to answer some of our most common ones to let everyone get to know Jaxstar Solutions better. What is a Virtual Business Manager? A Virtual Business Manager is a remote workforce that aims to provide your business with […]

Using Excel Spreadsheets For Accounts

Do you use spreadsheets to manage your accounts instead of an accounting software? As many of you know, I am a big lover of Xero and talk about how amazing it can be for your business, but I just wanted to discuss why online accounting software’s are not a necessity for all business and that […]

10 Step Action Plan For Chasing Late Invoices

You’ve delivered on your work, set your payment terms and sent an invoice to your client. But the payment is overdue, and you haven’t received a response or update. But no need to panic just yet! There are several ways to manage an overdue invoice without compromising your professional relationship with your client. 10 step […]

10 things all businesses need to action before Christmas

Sadly (or joyfully) Christmas is already almost upon us.  Seriously where did this last year go?  Here are some quick, timely and relevant reminders for every business to check out and be sure to action before they close for the Christmas holidays. Organise your Christmas closure If you are 100% closed over the Christmas break […]