How To Optimise Xero

How to optimise Xero | Jaxstar Solutions

You’re set up and comfortable using Xero, so it’s time to push outside your comfort zone and see what else you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of Xero.

In order to help you use the Xero software to its fullest potential, we’ve collected some Xero tips, including shortcuts, customisations, and unique features.

Create Customised Roles

The first of our Xero tips that is particularly beneficial is the ability to create highly customised roles for each Xero user. This ability lets you fully collaborate with everyone who impacts your business without giving everyone access to sensitive information.


Publish Reports for a Snapshot in Time

You can publish your annual and interim financial statements, as well as other reports and save them directly into Xero. Although your accounting information changes daily, it’s sometimes helpful to have a frozen snapshot of a certain period of time available at your fingertips.


Create Repeating Invoices and Bills

If you receive regular invoices to send or bills to pay, save yourself the trouble of having to repeat the same process again and again with this Xero trick. Utilise the repeating invoice function by developing a template and Xero will automatically create an invoice or bill for you based on the how many repeats you specify.


Set Up Invoice Reminders

Another one of our Xero tips to help you optimise your accounting process is setting up invoice reminders. Instead of worrying about following up on your accounts receivable, let Xero take care of that first step for you.


Test Out the Demo Company Feature

Have you ever wondered how a transaction would affect your books, but you didn’t want to risk messing up your finances? Xero’s demo company lets you experiment with usable test data. The demo company allows you to test out transactions and features completely separate from your business’ data.