Month: July 2021

Establishing Vision and Values for your Business

Having a strong vision and set of values is crucial for your business to flourish and succeed. Both vision and values embody the company’s ethos and establish the direction in which the business wants to progress. However, not very many people know what both of these attributes mean, so here is a breakdown as well […]

How to Communicate Effectively Within Your Business

There is no doubt that communication within a business is fundamental in ensuring that the workplace runs smoothly. Whether this be communicating with new starters or colleagues who have been with the business since the start, it is imperative to have effective communication in order to ensure that your business progresses forward, and everyone is […]

How can I start up a business with low start-up costs?

So, you have decided you want to set up your own business but now you are wondering logistically: How do I do that without spending lots of money? There might be several options out there such as a loan or searching for an investor and deciding the right option for you can be daunting and […]

What are some essential online tools you should using?

Being a business owner in the modern world means that technology is your absolute best friend. Nowadays, there is an app for everything and figuring out the key ones you should use can be a tough process. I have collated a list of the top 5 systems I would recommend to both smaller and larger […]