Establishing Vision and Values for your Business

Having a strong vision and set of values is crucial for your business to flourish and succeed. Both vision and values embody the company’s ethos and establish the direction in which the business wants to progress. However, not very many people know what both of these attributes mean, so here is a breakdown as well as methods you can use to put them into practise within your business.

So, what is a vision statement?

Put simply, a vision statement defines the purpose of the business. For example, it focuses in on the goals and future aspirations that the business owner might have. It is usually, unifying, inspiring and communicated to all colleagues clearly to ensure that each employee understands their part to play in the process. More often than most, the vision statement will stay the same regardless of the strategy the business is implementing.

And, what are values?

Values in their entirety are the core beliefs that the business might have. They can vary dependant on the business however, most centre around the idea of ensuring high quality customer service, what the business is striving for or how they wish for employees to feel whilst at work. They are the core principle that informs both potential customers, current employees, and new employees who the company is and what they believe in. Values make way for everything the business does to be as authentic as possible through incorporating and practising the values throughout everything they do.

Why are they important?

Setting out both your vision and values is laying foundations for your business. This includes your goals, aspirations as well as the plan to both achieve and uphold them. Without knowing these two attributes, you and your employees would struggle to understand the direction and goals of the business. Having vision and values is known to increase motivation and productivity as all employees understand their role within the development of the business.

How can I create my own vision and values?

Keep your vision statement short, simple, and forward thinking. Your vision statement should be clear and direct as it becomes easier for other people to understand. It should aim to focus on the future and be centred around your values.

As for values, this should be centred around how you want your customers to feel as well as how you want your employees to feel. Do you want your workplace to be team focused? Do you want the workplace to be a trusting environment? Ask yourself these questions and then go from there. Ensure that they are authentic and true to you as the business owner!

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