The Importance of Good Presentation Skills

The importance of good presentation skills

Effective presentation skills are a key part of communication and are used to present ideas, projects, plans, or strategies in front of an audience. Whether it be an upcoming webinar, event, meeting in person, or online, presenting can feel like an uncomfortable experience no matter how old you are. However, they are extremely important within a business to help it flourish and succeed. Here are five reasons why good presentation skills are a necessity!

They help you save time!

Being able to summarise what you need to say in a short amount of time is key for saving yourself and your audience time. However, this doesn’t mean having a presentation free from waffling, it simply needs to be both clear and memorable. This opens the door for the audience to retain the information more clearly and removes the potential for confusion.

They make you unique!

Living in the modern world, a blog post, social media, or email are all preferred chosen methods of communicating compared to in-person options. Therefore, having strong presentation skills sets you apart from the crowd. In a world where everything has moved digital, being able to project your confidence and your energy means people can connect with you easier and prevent any confusion.

They help you to network!

Whether it be an online or in-person event, presenting is key for meeting new people and building branches between yourself and other businesses, warm up potential leads, and create brand awareness. Being able to present who you are, what you do, and engage with people through body language, humour and clear conversation builds a rapport with people and increases your chances of being remembered. It also gives you added connections that you could potentially refer other people on to and support that process of maintaining excellent business relationships.

They help to boost sales/gain new clients!

If you were given the choice, you would opt to watch a bright, sharp presentation that gives you all of the necessary information in a concise manner compared to a boring, dull presentation from someone who doesn’t want to be there. Put simply, the main benefit of good presentation skills is the fact your audience is more likely to purchase your product or service.

You set a precedence for the business image!

Similar to the above, people are more likely to be inclined towards a business with a fresh vision and values. You can immediately communicate who you are just through your confidence and the way you speak. People do tend to judge others by their appearance and the vibe they give off, so make sure you are full of energy and give a good impression! If vision and values are something you are struggling with, you can read our latest blog here.

If you feel you might need some added support with your presentation skills, you can contact me here and we can figure out a plan on how best I can support you!