How to Manage Your Business Whilst Away

After a long year in lockdown, it has never been more important to ensure you are taking a break and unwinding. However, when you own your own business, this can be a tough process as you are the sole person responsible for everything that happens, and rightfully so, you can feel a little protective. To assist you in this holiday period, I have put together a list of different tips to support you and make the most of your time away from your business.

Make sure you have effective internal communications!

A strong business is built on the foundations of clear communication as it is imperative to ensure the workplace runs smoothly. Whether this is communicating to new starters, current employees, or customers, there are many ways in which you can do this. A few examples include mentoring, setting team goals, and organising general training. We wrote a whole blog about this which you can check out here.

Plan ahead!

Planning is key if you are intending to take a break as it ensures the people who are covering you, your client/customers, and your employees all understand what will happen whilst you are away. Inform your employees of the duties required and assign deadlines so that they work within the specific time frame. Make sure you inform your client/customers of the designated next line of contact so that any queries can be resolved. Managing your workload up until this point will lessen the stress closer to the time. You can see our tips of this here.

Leave another person in charge!

You cannot overlook that whilst you are away, you need someone who you can trust to manage the business. This person will be responsible for running the business, making sure all tasks are completed to a high standard, acts as the first point of contact, and will be the person who can contact you in an emergency. Asking someone to cover your role will keep the business functioning in the desired manner and keep up productivity whilst you are not there.

Stay in touch lightly!

There might be a time where you do need to be contacted or you need to contact the business. Whether it be an emergency, an authorisation code, or even if you want to check-in and make sure the business is still running smoothly, it might be wise to not abandon ship completely.

Use software you can access worldwide!

Whether this is Zoom, Xero, or Skype, use tools that are trustworthy and have worked for you before so that you know your business is taken care of whilst you step back and enjoy your holiday.

Taking time away can be extremely stressful when you own a business, however it is vital to take breaks for your physical and mental wellbeing. Upon return, you will feel refreshed, more productive, and well-rested to tackle anything and everything. If you are interested in hearing more ways to handle your business whilst away, contact me today at: