Month: April 2021

Value- Invoices

We all know that billing is a vital part of business operation and it’s very important that it is done properly. Your invoices should be accurate and sent in a timely manner. I have received various invoices in the past that have minor errors when it comes to the billing address or the name on […]

Value- Knowing your capabilities.

You are probably familiar with the saying You don’t know what you don’t know. In business, there are endless amounts of techniques, approaches, and methods people use to be successful and you are not going to know them all. You might be an AMAZING accountant but not have strong skills when it comes to social media. Of […]

Value: Email Branding

First impressions are crucial in business. Not having a custom email or having spelling or grammar errors could jeopardise your business image when communicating with potential prospects. Let’s start with a custom address: Credibility: In today’s society, it is more common for people to contact you via email instead of the phone. Making your email […]

Value: It’s Not A Race To The Bottom

I wanted to write this blog to talk about ‘Value’ in business and why it is important to recognise in order to be successful in business. Around 18 months ago I came into contact with a small business owner that was completely buried in work, they were working 14 hour days, keeping themselves cooped up […]