Value: It’s Not A Race To The Bottom

I wanted to write this blog to talk about ‘Value’ in business and why it is important to recognise in order to be successful in business.

Around 18 months ago I came into contact with a small business owner that was completely buried in work, they were working 14 hour days, keeping themselves cooped up in their office and working 7 days a week. They were completely exhausted and still stressing about getting through the workload.

During a meeting, this client told me about a conversation they had with their friend who also ran their own busines. They said, “it’s not a race to the bottom” and my client said they had never looked at it like that, but it was in fact true.

They started their own business to give their family the best chance at a good lifestyle, but in fact they had sacrificed their family life to get their business where it is today. Sacrifice is not a bad thing but it is important to set certain boundaries for yourself in order to reap the benefits of being a business owner.

It’s all about the Value!

Set an end date:

We are all going to have busy periods throughout the year which will mean we need to work those extra hours to get everything down, sometimes that just comes with the job. However, its crucial to have an end date in mind of when you will stop those extra hours and return to normal.

This ensures that you have a plan in place and certain objectives to hit which will not only keep you motivated but also have a date to look forward to.


Plan your day specifically:

When you have a long to-do list you can really overwhelm yourself which could mean you are not in the right mindset to get that task completed efficiently. Instead, create yourself a timetable for your day with specific times for each task you need to complete. So, if by chance a task that you predicted would take an hour actually takes you two, you know that you may need to push one of your half hour jobs back or onto another day.

Using this method allows you to not only have a tick list, but also a mental progression bar which keeps you focused on your task instead of worrying about everything else.


Over the coming weeks I am going to be covering everything to do with value when it comes to business and how some small changes can have a dramatic impact.