Creating Your Business A Sales Process

Do you have a WRITTEN step-by-step process of how to make a sale?

I have met countless business owners who have been operating for years with no documented process in place. Without this its hard to see how you successfully made a sale, but better yet, why you didn’t successfully complete a sale. Plus, if you hire new staff, there is no set training for them.

Once someone has an example to follow, they can usually create their own which is why I have created a guide for your sales process.


Step 1: Friendly greeting- show some personality. E.g. when you answer the phone say something along the lines of “Good Afternoon Jaxstar Solutions, Jackie speaking, how can I help?”. Have some variations of your greeting ready for any situation that is consistent!

Step 2: Get permission- you don’t want to overwhelm the person by asking questions unannounced. You need to get their permission first, e.g. “Would you mind if I ask you a few questions to better understand how I can help today?”



Step 3: Understand what they need you help with- you need to have 3 questions prepared to determine what they need from you. Then you need some follow up questions which you can then add into your database as a lead.

Step 4: How can you help- You now know enough about what your customer needs, which means you can start discussing relevant products or services to solve their problem.

Step 5: Come to an agreement together- its important for you to work together with the client to ensure you have understood their needs and that your solution works for them. If you decide they don’t need your services right now, determine if you think they ever will. If so, ask their permission to add their details to your newsletter mailing list and set yourself a reminder to follow up at a later date.



Step 6: Arrange a meeting- if your product or service is low-cost or a one-time payment you might be lucky enough to get the sale on the first call. In many cases, you have created yourself a lead which is why you would want to set up a meeting. Suggest dates and come to an agreement together of time and place.

Step 7: Send a confirmation- send your prospect a conformation email of the time and place, and then follow up a couple days later to ensure they received it.



Step 8: Have success in mind- A lot of people turn up to a meeting without anything prepared which is the first mistake. You also need to turn up with a sale in mind, so bring all the relevant documents with you e.g. contract.