Learn From Failure To Grow Your Business

We’ve all heard the phrase “learn from failure” but it is honestly crucial for success in business. We have all had our setbacks in business- a project not working, an unsatisfied customer or a bad review. You can’t let these things effect your mindset which can have a direct impact on your business.

I am always seeing people starting the week on a high, creating a to-do list on the Monday, then things get in the way and slow you down, and by the end of the week you haven’t got it all done and you feel deflated and a sense of failure. Getting into a pattern like this can be dangerous, you will soon stop making plans, lists or commitments in the fear of failure.

To avoid this pattern, you need to make sure you turn failure into success!

Motivation and Mindset

If you are someone who sets yourself a big goal and will do anything to achieve it, I bow my hat to you, but not everyone cab do it.

Motivation is crucial for the success of your business, if you set yourself unrealistic goals, what do you expect to happen to your motivation?

A lot of people expect a routine to happen instantly but if you expect to change your habits, straight away, it isn’t going to happen. Its all about building yourself up and making your goal achievable for you. An example of changing a habit into a routine is by attaching it to your daily habit. If you want your ever growing to do list to reduce just set yourself one task to do per day. Once you are achieving that task attach another one, so add two tasks per day, you only increase or change the routine once it becomes the habit. If you want to drink more water but you really like your morning coffee, attach the water to your morning coffee. Instead of having the morning coffee on its own, have the glass of water first then the morning coffee and there comes your new routine. You have managed to change your routine with what you had in mind without having to change the habit.

Positive outlook on failure

In order to be successful you need to see failure as an opportunity. Everyone has a different outlook, but I see failure as a sign of trying, and if you are trying then you can only learn. If you meet someone who says they never fail, likelihood is that they are not trying or not looking to grow.

However, if you are failing due to lack of preparation e.g. no planning at all, you are setting yourself up for failure. The best route to success is to set small and achievable goals, plan how you are going to get there and give it a go. Take the leap! Once you are consistently successful in that goal, make it harder, bigger and try again.

Each failure should be celebrated as a learning opportunity!