Value- Invoices

We all know that billing is a vital part of business operation and it’s very important that it is done properly. Your invoices should be accurate and sent in a timely manner. I have received various invoices in the past that have minor errors when it comes to the billing address or the name on the invoice which could cause problems for your business.

To avoid these types of errors, I have created this quick guide on how to create the perfect invoice.

Establish clear billing terms:

Before you start working with your client, you should set clear terms with regards to their billing. You should make your customer aware of your billing terms and the information that you are including. You should discuss who the invoice needs to be sent to, but also who will be paying the bill.

Be consistent and prompt:

Consistency is necessary for good billing. This is to create a sense of predictability among customers and of course to make sure that your cash flow proceeds as expected. You should be sending bills at the same time monthly or within time frame you provided.

Use the right billing tools:

Using software when it comes to billing makes the process a lot easier, the system is flexible and easily customisable to fit every business. All the important details should be clearly indicated within the invoice to create a paper trail and tracking system without complications. You should be able to quickly locate invoices and match them with specific transactions by names and invoice numbers.

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