Value- Knowing your capabilities.

You are probably familiar with the saying You don’t know what you don’t know. In business, there are endless amounts of techniques, approaches, and methods people use to be successful and you are not going to know them all.

You might be an AMAZING accountant but not have strong skills when it comes to social media. Of course, you could always learn but you could also outsource these types of tasks.


Outsourcing can sound threatening to small business owners, as if they are giving up control of their business. However, outsourcing tasks that you are not trained in or simply are no good at should be seen as support, therefore a positive step for your business.

Allowing others to support your business allows more wiggle room for growth and opens up new opportunities for your business that your own skills, or lack of, could have been limiting. There are always going to be tasks that you struggle with and that is ok, it is allowing other people to help which can transform your business and its brand.


Continue to learn:

It is important for business owners, no matter how big or small, to be learning new things all the time. That can be anything from learning how to use the latest software to answering a question you have never heard before. It is important that we are always researching new ways to ensure we are meeting the demands of our customers in this ever-changing world which could mean that we need to lean on our peers.

For example, if you know you are not very tech savvy, do not just guess how to transfer your business from paper accounts to digital. Instead, ask your networking circle or a professional in one of your groups if they can show you the ropes as a one-off thing to ensure you are not comprising your business.


It is important to identify your strengths from your weaknesses in business and I believe that you should not let your weaknesses stop you in business. It is about accepting them and finding a way around it which truly shows you are a business entrepreneur that is to be reckoned with.