Why should I use Xero to manage my business?

Today’s rapid outpour of technology and innovation often leaves business owners wondering “what is this?” and “do I really need it?” but when it comes to online accounting, Xero is truly a revelation when it is fully optimised.


With ease of use and plenty of documentation available, Xero has become a place you can connect to several apps according to your needs and make entire accounting easy. However, businesses are often busy managing their business and may not have time or knowledge to fully utilise the functions or set them up in the first place.


Whilst Xero is great as an invoicing tool and a way of logging incoming and outgoing invoices. It can offer so much more when fully utilised and can really work for businesses on a deeper level to really benefit the business.


Inventory: Allowing you to set up short codes for all your products. Putting in a purchase and a sales price makes it easier to see margins. When you come to generate a sales invoice, simply use the short item code and the description and price self-populate within the invoice. This saves so much time, and is much easier to work on price changes plus can be used for reports.


Recurring Invoices- Never forget to invoice again. Set up recurring invoices so they send automatically to the set date you wish for them to or save them, so they act as a prompt for you to add additional detail to before sending.


Reporting- There is whole lot of data being captured in Xero. If you capture as much information as possible, it will allow you to use this for reporting the way you want and can understand.


If you would like some advice or support with Xero, send me a message and we can set up a free 15-minute call to discuss your issues, and come up with a solution or show you how to do something.