10 things all businesses need to action before Christmas

10 Things every business should action before Christmas | Jaxstar Solutions

Sadly (or joyfully) Christmas is already almost upon us.  Seriously where did this last year go?  Here are some quick, timely and relevant reminders for every business to check out and be sure to action before they close for the Christmas holidays.

Organise your Christmas closure

If you are 100% closed over the Christmas break ensure that you have informed all of your clients and customers well in advance to allow them to prepare too.

Get your self assessment sorted

Ensure all of your accounts are prepared and ready for submission before taking a break, as business owners we all know that a looming deadline means that we can never relax and we all deserve a break over Christmas.

Plan your social media

Ensure that you continue to stay present on social media even if you aren’t working, schedule your posts to go out so that your name is still being seen online.

Update your Google My Business page with your opening times

You can add temporary opening times to your Google My Business profile to let customers know when you aren’t operating, but you can also direct them to the right contact if they needed to get in touch.

Promote your Boxing Day sales now

If you are having a Boxing day sale, or any type of sale for that matter, ensure you are promoting online as much as possible on the lead up to Christmas. When people are scrolling through social media on the days between Christmas and New Year, you want to make sure you are directing them to the specific sites pages they will find those unmissable deals.

Plan for holidays between Christmas and new year

If you have staff that have booked holiday between Christmas and New Years ensure that you have spoken to other members of your team to ensure a hand over has been completed and checked before distributing the work accordingly. Ensure plenty of notice to avoid any unexpected complications which could risk the work not being completed.

Send out gifts before you close up shop

If you are sending out Christmas gifts to your customers or clients this year, ensure you have them delivered to them before your business closes, you don’t want to be stressing about it not arriving and fighting with the supplier on Christmas eve. If your clients are local, it might be worth getting the gifts delivered to you and you give them out yourself to reduce the risk of the gift not being received.

Update your voicemail and out of office responses

Ensure that you record a new voicemail before closing your business that gives the details of who to contact in an emergency, your current operating hours (if any) and when you will be returning to the office. Also replicate this in your automatic email responses on the day you close your business. (don’t forget to turn this off when you are back, we have all done that before)

Plan your Calendar for January

Ensure all meetings and calls that are due to happen in January are planned fully before Christmas to relieve some stress of when you come back from your break. Ensure all Zoom calls, Phone calls and team meetings are scheduled and accepted in everyone’s diary now with exact dates and times so you know what you are coming back to.

Set your 2021 goals

Plan out all of your business goals that you want to achieve in 2021 so when you come back in the New Year you have an action plan, are motivated and can implement them immediately with the help from your team or associates.