How CRM’s improve your customer relationship

Why do you need a CRM? Jaxstar Solutions

How CRM’s improve your customer relationship

We all know that our customers can make or break our business, so the way that our businesses manage our customer database determines our amount of success.

Better relationship = higher customer satisfaction

As your business grows your customer database will expand, it can become difficult to centralise and streamline communications with your existing/potential clients without the right CRM system in place.

Important conversations get lost in emails, scattered around in notebooks and lost in spreadsheets, all leading to inconsistent interactions with your customers. All of these things lead to losing you money in the long term.

A CRM can solve all of this!

A report by Software Advice claims that 74% of all CRM adopters found that CRM “offered improved access to customer data”; meanwhile 61% of sales distributors claimed CRM allowed them to easier access to key customer information and data.

Better customer retention

A CRM is a great method of ensuring you are keeping your existing customers happy. A CRM system comes up with a handful of “customer retention” benefits: it will help you keep your promises by reminding you about appointments or when to send follow up emails. Better yet, CRM’s can send you prompts to let you know when a customer hasn’t been contacted in a while, which could lead to them feeling neglected.

After all, keeping an existing customer is 6 or 7 times cheaper that getting a new one, claims the report by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company.

Better protection of data privacy

Finally, let’s talk about the GDPR side of things…

In order to comply with the data privacy requirements of the new EU regulation, it is super important to have a CRM software that has inbuilt GDPR-related functionality.

Using a CRM to store details of all existing and potential customers will save you a lot of time and effort. We all know that GDPR can be a job in itself, but inputting details (with content) sends automatic notifications to all new contacts informing that you would like to store their data, manage your customers’ subscription to email communication preferences, and even set up rules to update personal details for groups of contacts – all at one time.

Doing this all manually will take most of your time and you also run the risk of making mistakes. But, setting up a CRM system to do that for you is a quick, safe and reliable way to make your communications with customers GDPR compliant, which in turn builds trust as you handle your customers’ data with respect.