How to choose the optimal CRM for my small business


When it comes to CRM systems for small business owners, how does one begin to choose and what’s your favourite?

First, think about what you want your CRM system to do. For example, if you want your CRM system to talk to your invoicing system but there’s no link or integration between the two systems then there’s no point. 


We look at everything in the back office from the foundations up. 

Then we plan out how we want it to work, in an ideal world. 

For example, I would like my CRM system to do X, I want it to talk to Y and then I want it to talk back to the CRM system. 


But identifying the ultimate aim of the CRM is just one key aspect to consider.


The other aspect to consider is what is the budget. 

I recently looked into a CRM system that did absolutely everything. 

Except the pricing was based on a much larger company than mine. 

Figure out first what you want it to do before you start any free trials. 

If you’re not sure what CRM systems can and can’t do then seek advice from professionals with the experience and knowledge to guide you through finding the right CRM system for your business. 


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