How to streamline your quoting process

How to streamline your quoting process

“I want to streamline the quoting process and make it more effective but I just don’t know where to begin?”


What’s your current quoting system? What’s your process?  Do you have one? 

Why should you have one? 


It saves time. If you are using invoicing software, and not using the quotations within that, you’re duplicating the work. Because you’re having to replicate that quote into an invoice when the work comes in. 


It also doesn’t work if you ever want to step out of the process. 

New business begins with quotations. So how do you start to delegate invoicing to someone else if you don’t start with a quotation process? 


Begin mapping your existing quotation process.

Ensure you’re quoting in the same system that you do you’re invoicing in. 

If you don’t know how to, then you can get help with it.  


For example,  if you’re using Xero for invoicing but you’re generating a quote in Word, they aren’t in the same system. If you are invoicing through Excel or PDF and you’re generating quotes in Word then it’s going to be very tricky if you’re not using software for invoicing. 

All business should be trackable. 


You should be learning from your losses as well as your wins.

So it’s great if you know where your sales are coming from and how much revenue you’re receiving. 


It’s equally important to know what’s happened with our losses. 

If we’re not tracking these in software, then we might have an idea but we often look back optimistically. 


So make the most of the software you’re paying for. Put as much as you can through the software to get the best value for your money. 


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