The trick to growing and reducing overwhelm at the same time

The trick to growing and reducing overwhelm at the same time

“I’m growing but struggling with time and stress so how would you advise I start to delegate so I can grow without the overwhelm?”

The best way to address stress and overwhelm is with my three-column trick for how to start delegating. 

I’m often asked: “I don’t know how to outsource. What should I ask them to do? What work should I give them?

So too often, people don’t delegate. 

Anyone who knows me has heard about my three-column trick. 

I encourage you over the course of a week to write down in an excel spreadsheet or bit of paper, all the tasks that you carry out within that week.

Your three columns should be labelled 

  • Me
  • Someone else 
  • Is that person already in my business?

Then make a list of all your tasks and put a tick in the corresponding column. 

If it’s something that only you can do, then put a tick in the ‘Me’ column. 

If it’s something that someone else can do, pop a tick in the ‘Someone else’ column. 

If that person is already in your business then put a tick in the last column, and go and talk to them immediately about how they can help you by taking on that task. 

As you look over the tasks in the second and third columns, start to build a profile of what that person’s profile should look like. 

For example, are the tasks predominantly bookkeeping, marketing, or admin?

Is the ideal person already in your business? But you just haven’t opened up that conversation with them yet?

Or is there someone in your wider network who you could approach that could help you with your marketing, bookkeeping or admin?

This is a really quick way of getting started with your outsourcing and delegating.

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