Benefits of using Zoom

Benefits of using Zoom | Jaxstar Solutions

I have been lucky enough to continue working throughout this pandemic and have met with a lot of new people via Zoom. Although I am definitely more of a people person, utilising Zoom for new client meetings has not only saved me time, but also allowed my customers to see first-hand how I operate which they wouldn’t have seen with my previous process.

Before the pandemic when I met a new client we would talk over the phone to set up a meeting, have a meeting where we discussed what they needed support with I would be on my way. I would go back to my office, complete my tasks and regularly catch up with the client to let them know when tasks were completed.

Do not get me wrong, all of my clients were extremely happy with my work but working through Zoom has opened a new door.

Now, I meet with my client via Zoom where we discuss what needs doing and do it then and there. We simply share screens and work through the problems together and come up with a solution. By showing how I operate and solve these problems not only allows my clients to recognise where they went wrong, but also learn new skills that can help them to run their business.

By showing people how I solve their problems highlights how easy some processes can be when you take the right steps, so although people say I am an ‘expert’ when it comes to things like Xero, physically showing people how to build the foundations helps them to understand how easy it really can be and encourages them to practice these new found skills.