Top Tips For Handling Stress As A Business Owner

Top Tips for handling stress as a Business Owner | Jaxstar Solutions

It’s not so long ago that stress and mental health was a total taboo subject in the workplace, however with awareness campaigns, much like today ‘National Stress Awareness Day’ and so much in the media it is now talked about in businesses.

So, as a small business owner what can help you stay calm and help yourself and your staff?


  1. Recognise what is going well

This is one of the first things I will point out to clients — it is just as important to recognise what’s going well (if not more so) as it is to recognise where things aren’t going so well. When you consider what is going right with your business, that instantly puts you in a positive mindset, which makes it much easier to combat stress. Being able to also identify where things are working or are not makes you feel like you have control over what is happening, in what can feel like the chaos of running a business.


  1. Identify your stressors

Identifying your stressors is vital to being able to tackle them, stress usually comes from a problem you have not even looked at yet or are having trouble solving. I think the best way to identify stressors is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Then once you’ve identified what is causing you stress, you are much more able to work out how to deal with it and even just identifying what is causing you stress can help alleviate some of it


  1. Learn to say no

When you’re starting out, you may not have the luxury of opportunities flying at you, so you say yes to everything but eventually you focus on your mission and ask yourself, ‘Will this help me get there?’ before deciding yes or no.

Of course, saying no can be tough however it’s important to remember your value and that you have limited time. Instead of thinking you may offend the other person, it’s an opportunity to show them that when you decide to do something, you really value what you’re doing and you’re doing it on your terms.


  1. Unplug during your time off

You are not a robot. You cannot work all the time and expect to maintain the same level of productivity and efficiency. You need to replenish your energy levels, and not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When you’re working on your business, you want to be present and in the moment which becomes difficult if you’re unable to unplug in your off time and feel a conflict between your work life and your personal life.


  1. Delegate or outsource your tasks

When you are used to being the boss, it can be hard to let go and give up control, but as any small business owner knows, you cannot do it all. If you are trying to, then you are probably not doing the best job at everything. That is why learning how to delegate or outsource certain parts of the business tasks is a foundation for being successful.