Benefits Of An Accountant Or Bookkeeper When Doing Your Self Assessment

Benefits of an Accountant or Bookkeeper | Jaxstar Solutions

You are a sole trader with a small business and most probably collating your paperwork and submitting your self assessment. So, do you really need a bookkeeper or accountant? Although it is not a mandatory requirement, there are some huge benefits of hiring a bookkeeper or accountant to submit your return.

Most small business owners do not have an expansive knowledge of accounting procedures and practices, yet they are still required to manage such tasks. A common mistake is to not claim for items you are able to and perhaps claim for items where you should not. The outcome of either of these could become expensive and time consuming.

Working with a bookkeeper allows them to give you a financial overview of your accounts month on month, quarter by quarter, year on year which benefits the day-to-day business operation.