Improving Your Bookkeeping

Improving your Bookeeping with Xero and Receipt Bank | Jaxstar Solutions

Receipt Bank is an easy way to capture all the information needed for a set of accounts. By simply sending all invoices and receipts to your own personalised email address or taking a photo and sending through the app, Receipt Bank captures all the information and can report it straight back into Xero in just one click. 

Whilst Xero is great as an invoicing tool and a way of logging incoming and outgoing invoices, it can offer so much more when fully utilised and can really work for businesses on a deeper level to really benefit the business. 

One of the best features that I recommend all my clients using is the categorising feature, this means that Xero can automatically categorise your documents before you approve for submissionFor example, amend the category for your phone bill to telephone and when Xero receives the bill it will populate the category you had pre-selected for it. This is a quick time saving way to approve your bills  it’s all done for you!