How To Get Back In ‘Work Mode’ After Christmas

How to get back in 'work mode' after Christmas | Jaxstar Solutions

It feels like only yesterday that you gleefully switched on the ‘out of office’ and left your workplace with a cheery ‘Have a great Christmas!’ to your colleagues. But, sadly, the festive holidays seem to last about as long as the contents of that tin of Quality Street.

Before you know it, it is back to work and the fun and festivities are over for another year.

Here, we share five ways to get yourself back into the old routine after the Christmas holidays

Be strategic with your return schedule 

Some people like to ease back into things with a low-key schedule, but I find the opposite works best for me. I arrange a couple of key meetings so that I must get back into a productive mode quickly. I do not welcome this on my first morning back, but by the end of the day, I am glad.

Resume your routines that work 

It can take some time to get back into productive habits when you first return. If you usually exercise regularly try to resume this on your first day back. Enable your healthy eating habits by building in time to visit the supermarket before you go back to work so you can set yourself up for a healthy week.

Set yourself a challenge

One of the main reasons why January is hard going is because the excitement of Christmas is over, and we no longer have anything to look forward to. You can rectify this easily by making a change or setting yourself a challenge.

Maybe there is a training course you have been thinking of attending, there is a project you have been putting off, you want to be more organised or even something as simple as clearing out your desk can give you a little boost.