Credit Control

Outsourcing your Credit Control | Jaxstar Solutions

Are you looking to improve your credit control?  

Effective and efficient credit control is critical to the success of any business, reducing the wait for payment and improving cash flow. However, not all businesses have the time, resource, or expertise to dedicate to successful credit management. 

We all know how difficult it can be to get paid on time, but also how burdensome credit control can be for businesses of any size.  

If you are chasing your own invoices it can lead to tension between you and your client, which can ruin that professional partnership and influence their opinion on your company and services. 

All business owners know the effect a bad review can have. When someone receives a great service, they tell a small group of people, but when they receive bad services they spread the word to everyone which can affect your brand image.

To ensure your customer relationships aren’t affected by money, hire someone to do that chasing for you. 

Making the business owners responsible for the presale, the sale and the service and that’s it, then making someone else responsible for the after sale so it’s is not your responsibility and removes that risk of tension.