The Dangers Of A Comfort Zone

Dangers of a comfort zone

If you find your business being stuck, starting to slow down or struggling to grow, maybe you have fallen victim to your comfort zone…

Many businesses that have gotten through the “honeymoon stage” of business of 2-3 years might experience this. They have built the business, have a routine and feel stuck in the familiarity and comfort of where they are right now.

In basic terms, this happens because it is the easy option!

Many business owners lose sight of the importance of continual growth and improvement… this can be the business but also yourself. When you lose sight of this, you will most likely feel demotivated, lack of confidence, and have no desire to make your business better.

This is usually where I come in! I work with business owners who are stuck in this “rut” to break away from the status quo and add the sparkle back into the business. You need a new path and that is exactly what I can help you to develop.

So how do you break free from your comfort zone and begin to make changes?

Let’s start by defining what our comfort zone is. You need to push the boundaries. E.g. maybe you are not confident in presenting? Join some new networking groups to build connects and promote your business. You need to get used to feeling uncomfortable but doing it anyway, and the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Do not be afraid of failure. You need to determine what you consider “failure” and use that as your motivation to succeed instead of letting it stop you.

Embracing learning new things. Do not be afraid to admit you do not know everything, nobody does. There is nothing stopping you from picking up that book, listening to that podcast or attending that event to build you so you can build your business. Consider how you can apply the key business principles of TIME, TEAM, MONEY and SYSTEMS in ways you may not have considered or even thought possible.

Recognise the importance of having someone outside your business to challenge you and hold you accountable to the things you know need to be done!