Inbox Management

Inbox Management | Jaxstar Solutions

Between sifting through spam, crafting the right responses, and keeping tabs on the messages that require follow-up, staying on top of your inbox can feel like a job in itself. If you are faced with an inbox with thousands of emails, we naturally feel overwhelmed and never know where to start, which is how the inbox piles up. 

That is why outsourcing is a great way to hire a professional who can keep your inbox organised and sorted efficiently- despite getting hundreds of emails a day.  

A clear inbox is a clear mind!  

When outsourcing your Inbox management, you are still in control of how your emails are filed, but you do not need to do the task yourself. We create folders which every email is filed into, each folder is created per supplier and per customer so they could easily be found if needed. This process then highlights emails that need to be dealt with which would then be highlighted to the owner, so we create a list of tasks that need to be prioritised.  

We will then maintain the inbox however you chose from then on!  

A great feature that we also introduce is ‘Rules’ which files emails automatically that don’t need to be viewed, but you would keep for when you are doing your tax returns or looking at your cashflow. For example, you receive monthly phone bills that you will not need to look at every month but would need to keep, this email would then bypass the inbox and go straight into the selected folder.