Jaxstar Services

Let’s get organised….

Depending on the size of your admin mountain, I’m ready to support you in a number of ways.

I can fly in, troubleshoot a particular pain point, set up some new ways of working and leave you to it. Or, if you just want to get a particular task or regular admin activity off your to-do list, leave it with me and I’ll get the job done every time.


Admin MOT

I offer short, sharp consultancy sessions to help you focus on the things that will make a difference to your business and work out your next steps.
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Virtual Assistant

Taking care of all the little things that make being in business a pain! Benefit from my years of administrative experience and get those daily admin tasks off your to-do list. I’ll get things done.

Business Support

Working from the inside out, I will get to know your business and what makes it tick. I’ll treat the root cause of any business bottlenecks, clear the backlog and help you to see the bigger picture.

Freelance bookkeeping
& credit control

Let’s get some eyes on what’s going on behind your bank balance. I’ll figure out where money might be leaking out and ensure you get paid for all of the work you do, on time.

Database & office management

Do away with duplication and get your data in order. I’ll set you up with a customer database, invoicing tools or reports that are easy and quick to use, so that business can just happen, hassle-free.

Admin troubleshooting

Got a mountain of paperwork that’s giving you a headache? Let me cut through the clutter and figure out where you could work smarter. I’ll file, sort and store your info so it’s easier to find what you need, when you need it.

Where the small business magic happens

There’s getting by in business and then there’s really nailing it. For that to happen, you don’t have time to sweat the small stuff. All that invoicing, chasing, filing, organising and reporting needs to just happen easily and painlessly.

When it does, you’ll be in control of your business, rather than it controlling you. By staying on top of that admin-mountain, you’ll retain more cash, have the time to earn more and get rid of that business headache!

With admin support from Jaxstar you could have;

  • The right business information at your fingertips; client data, finances, profit
  • More time in the bank to focus on what you’re good at (or to reclaim your evenings, weekends and family time)
  • More money coming in; get paid what you’re owed and ditch unnecessary overheads and expenses
  • A smarter way of working that suits your skills
  • A clear picture of where your best business comes from
  • Easy to use tools and templates
  • An ally to bounce ideas off and plan ahead
  • Someone at the end of the phone who can just get stuff done!

Ready to weed out what’s not working and build a better business? Contact me today.