About Jaxstar

The Jaxstar Story

Hi, I’m Jackie Forster and I run Jaxstar.

Organising, sorting and finding clever ways of working are what I do best. I’ve been doing it since I was a child – yes really! I learnt to type at the age of 7 and remember asking my dad to give me things to type just for fun. I was also the only child at school with a colour-coded timetable. Say no more!

Being organised was a game when I was young, but my obsession with admin is a way of life that has stayed with me ever since. Before launching Jaxstar, I spent most of my career working in sales but it wasn’t the negotiation or deal closing that motivated me. I discovered that I was really good at picking apart the process behind the sale and putting steps in place to make it work more easily or quickly.

The end result? More sales, less time wasting and better business!

Basically, I get a kick from problem solving. I hate to see a small business owner drowning in admin or letting hard earned cash slip through their fingers, when I know there could be a better way of doing things.

Tightening up the nuts and bolts of business is my super-power!

Understanding small business life

I have worked with many master tradesman and ‘skill-based’ small business owners, and I know that selling time and knowledge for money is a tough gig.

All of the business admin that sits behind the scenes is a distraction. It gets in the way of giving your clients that top-notch service they’ve paid you for. Yet, it’s all that annoying paperwork, invoicing, credit control and bookkeeping that keeps the wheels of your business turning! Argh!

I’m a dab hand at digging down into the core of your business to find out what could be done quicker, better or more easily. That includes helping you look at the bigger picture and plug your profit leaks, as well as sorting out the everyday admin issues.

Ready to weed out what’s not working and build a better business? Contact me today.